Discover the magic of your family holiday in Italy in the Dolomites

Embrace the Beauty of South Tyrol and Steinegg

Your vacation in South Tyrol is an adventure of diversity and excitement! Each day is a new opportunity for adventure: from hiking and climbing in the majestic Dolomites, cycling through scenic valleys, to exhilarating rafting, paragliding, and swimming. All these activities are complemented by the natural beauty, crisp mountain air, and stunning panoramas. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, explore the charming star village of Steinegg, its highlights, and the rich cultural tapestry of the region. If your focus is on wellness, the teachings and holistic approaches of Hildegard von Bingen are highly recommended. Experience the enchantment of South Tyrol in its most glorious seasons: spring, summer, and autumn.

Spring in South Tyrol: Where the Sun Shines Brighter

From as early as February, the sun on the southern Alps starts to shine brighter and warmer, bringing much-awaited relief after the long, chilly winter. In Steinegg, just above Bolzano, delightful walks await on the sunnier paths. While the valley below begins to embrace spring, the mountains remain a snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing until mid-April. Hikers can revel in the beauty of mid-altitude trails, enchanted by the blooming apple trees and the colorful crocuses in the alpine meadows.

And what about us? We emerge from our winter hiatus, ready to open our doors and welcome you to an extraordinary stay at Dolomiten Residence Sonnleiten. Our modern holiday apartments, complete with hotel-like services and wellness amenities, are your gateway to numerous adventures and the authentic experience of South Tyrol.

Vibrant Summer in South Tyrol: The Dolomites Await!

When summer arrives, South Tyrol transforms into a magical fusion of alpine grandeur and Mediterranean charm, perfect for a diverse summer getaway. This is the time when mountaineers and climbers set their sights on conquering the Dolomites, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for their unparalleled beauty. The mountain air remains cool and refreshing, while the valleys bask in warm sunlight. The allure of Lake Kaltern, the Alps' warmest lake with water temperatures close to 30°C, is irresistible. For the youngsters, there's the excitement of fishing in our sport fishery, followed by a fun-filled grilling session in our garden. And don't forget, the observatory and planetarium are must-visit destinations throughout the year.

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Autumn Splendor in South Tyrol: Törggelen & Beyond

Autumn in South Tyrol is a season of unique allure. The air is crisp and clear, perfect for mountain excursions. The landscape transforms with leaves displaying a spectrum of colors, making forest walks an enchanting chestnut hunt.

Golden-yellow and red apples adorn the trees, while grapevines are laden with bountiful clusters. It's a busy time in the wine and apple farms and cellars, as the harvest is gathered. This is also when the new wine is savored during the iconic Törggelen, an authentic local tradition worth experiencing: Schlutzkrapfen, sauerkraut with homemade and blood sausages, smoked meats, ribs, along with donuts, chestnuts, and new wine are served in the rustic Buschenschänken and Törggele venues.

A tip from us: Relish the last warm sunbeams on our sunbathing lawn until November and ready yourself for winter with rejuvenating sauna sessions.

Whatever your desires for your South Tyrolean vacation may be, rest assured we'll provide heartfelt advice and assistance every step of the way.

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